Amy Wybrow 

Botanical Photographer

Fuelled by a fascination with the natural world, I see and sense the lives of whats around us. With each work I immerses herself into the plants' world and uses classical portraiture artistry to show the viewer a disparate and entrancing world.

The work is created with taking a part of that view & placing it into a domestic interior creating a link between plants & architecture, a window to a botanical world inside your house,


Architecture creates a graphic frame for the plants, the internal environment is ever changing, the majestic nature of the building has this element of protection & containment, while allowing you a view upward following the light. The overlap between internal and external environments is used in contemporary architecture where we want the spaces within a building to be more fluid & open to create a connection with our natural environment. 


"I’m really interested in the relationship between people, places, and plants. For me it’s about how it feels to create a focus on the moment, making the normal seem special". The plants are ever changing and provide a visual link to the different seasons, a connection with the ground beneath our feet and an indicator for the effect we have on our environment - light and mood, but more so on a feeling, and a memory.